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About Us

Creating Stories with Music

Enkianu Creations Inc

We are an independent music production company with a main focus on creating music for narrative and visual media. We are passionate about the stories of Medival times and Ancient history.

Our eclectic music composition and songwriting style ranges form blues, rock and electronic genres to classical and modern orchestral music. This allows us to support a wide rage of narratives and visual media including musical plays, theater, film, TV, video games, commercial and Branding music, audio books and concert music.


ENKIANU's recording and mixing/mastering studio is equipped with the latest technology in music business. We use Avid Pro Tools for our recording and film scoring sessions. We also incorporate award-winning audio and instrument plug-ins including Waves, Eastwest Sounds, Vienna Instruments, Native Instruments, Izotope and many boutique plug-ins and sounds.


In addition to composing original music, we offer orchestration, synthestration (midi mockup), music engraving and copying (Sibelius), orchestra/band score preparation and music notation/transcription.

Please contact us via contact page to get quotes for your project.

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