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  • How do you ship multiple items in one order?
    If your items are in the same category, they ship together. Ex: multiple t-shirts will ship together but a t-shirt and a mug in one order will ship separately.
  • What is a pre-order product?
    Currently we have pre-order items only for the "Gilgamesh Musical Album." These orders fund the production of this album and help us pay for the expenses such as recording, writing, studio, musician, and product cost. When the album is released, all orders will be shipped and delivered to your prefered address. Before shipping your items, we will contact you to confirm your current address. All other items including t-shirts and mugs are ready to ship in 3-5 days.
  • What is a made-to-order t-shirt or mug?
    We do not store these items at our wearhouse. We use quality third party suplliers and printing facilities to make these products. Once you purchase from our website, we automatically send the information to the third party suppliers and they prepare and ship the item directly to you.
  • What is the estimated delivery time for a t-shirt or mug?
    Normal delivery time for most items is 5-10 business days. You can find each item’s specific shipping estimates under "Shipping Note" for that item.
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