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Major contrubitors to our ptoject

We are introducing our major contributors who supported us from the very early stages of “Gilgamesh Musical Album.”  Without the great generosity of our sponsors, the production of this project would not be possible. We are very thankful for every person and organization’s support that helped us stay independent.

Executive Producers

  • Ms. Marie Jane Arboleda ($5,000)



  • Mr. Victor Orshan ($3,000)

Associate Producers

  • Dr. Robert Karoukian ($1,500)

  • Mr. Marduke Yousefpor ($1,000)

  • Mr. Ozhen Minashy ($1,000)

  • Dr. Ramina Jajoo  ($1,000)

  • Mr. Ross Jatou ($1,000)

Associate Producers

  • Dr. Anna Arsenous ($500)

  • Mr. Ashurbel Pirayou ($500)

  • Mr. Atheer Youkhana ($500)

  • Dr. John and Mrs. Jaklin Chalabi ($500)

  • Mrs. Romina and Mr. Nardin Ebrahimi ($500)



Sponsorship Benefits

  • Participate in the creation of a unique once-in-a-lifetime artistic, educational and cultural project.

  • Receive honorary producer title in our CD.

  • Special recognition on the Gilgamesh sponsor page with a link to your business/organization.

  • Receive an "Exclusive Gilgamesh Package" upon completion of the project.

  • Get mentioned in our social media and "ENKIANU Newsletter."

How To Sponsor

  • The minimum sponsorship amount is $500.

  • Please contact us first before sending your payment.

  • To minimize the transaction costs, please send a check or money order.

  • Make your check payable to ENKIANU CREATIONS INC

  • Send your payment to:   



       5501 Stockdale Hwy

       Unit 12493

       Bakersfield, CA 93389

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